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Sally Frison

Office Manager

Sally Frison has nearly 15 years of industry experience on her side. She has refined skills and deep knowledge to fill most jobs in the agency. Her multifaceted experience in a variety of real estate roles gives her a superb foundation in her current position as Office Manager to the property management team.  Easily the most flexible member of the team, Sally can be relied upon to carry out any task in the agency with confidence and finesse.

Sally thrives on the diversity that her role presents. She handles the day-to-day challenges of her job with the assurance that comes with real estate expertise.

Her wide range of experience means she understands the importance of small details and to this end, she carries out all work with an exceptional degree of accuracy. From lease agreements to accounting, Sally will ensure that every element is exactly as it should be. She has the confidence of every member of the agency and can be relied to provide unparalleled levels of administrative support.

Dedicated and loyal, she is always on hand to mentor more junior staff. She is generous with her knowledge and her time. Her advice and insight are an invaluable aspect of making the department run smoothly. Sally’s patience and composed nature make her a true asset to the team.

Sally recognises that the real estate sector is always changing and evolving. She takes the steps and measures needed to make sure that she moves with the times. Her knowledge is always up to date and her skills are constantly being refined and added to.

When Sally isn’t fulfilling her office manager role of the property management department, she enjoys working out and socialising with family and friends.


  • 2021 - 15 Year Service Award